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Wed Sep 28 18:32:05 UTC 2016

That's not correct. There is no risk of corruption using "sync=disabled". In the worst case you just end up with old data but no corruption. See the following comment from a master of ZFS (Aaron Toponce):


Btw: I have enterprise SSD for my ZFS SLOG but in the case of GlusterFS I see not much improvement. The real performance improvement comes by disabling ZFS synchronous writes. I do that for all my ZFS pools/partitions which have GlutserFS on top.

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On 27/09/2016 4:13 AM, mabi wrote:
> I would also say do not forget to set "sync=disabled".

I wouldn't be doing that - very high risk of gluster corruption in the
event of power loss or server crash. Up to 5 seconds of writes could be
lost that way.

If writes aren't fast enough I'd add a SSD partition for slog.
Preferably a data center quality one.

Lindsay Mathieson

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