[Gluster-users] trying to avoid a penalty for renaming every file

Joe Julian joe at julianfamily.org
Thu Oct 27 20:23:26 UTC 2016

The best slide of all from the Gluster Developer Summit


On 10/27/2016 11:52 AM, Christian Rice wrote:
> We have a gluster pool where our developers are writing large files 
> with the suffix .COPYING, then removing that suffix when the copy is 
> done (renaming the file), so consumers of the data know the file is 
> safe to read.
> Back in 2014, Jeff Darcy wrote the below in a thread.  I guess I am 
> basically asking if this is still the supported/encouraged approach, 
> and how do I implement this when I’m using gluster’s NFS?
> "That said, there's also a trick you can use to avoid creation of a
> linkfile.  Other tools, such as rsync and our own object interface,
> use the same write-then-rename idiom.  To serve them, there's an
> option called extra-hash-regex that can be used to place files on the
> "right" brick according to their final name even though they're created
> with another.  Unfortunately, specifying that option via the command line
> doesn't seem to work (it creates a malformed volfile) so you have to
> mount a bit differently.  For example:
>    glusterfs --volfile-server=a_server --volfile-id=a_volume \
> --xlator-option a_volume-dht.extra_hash_regex='(.*+)tmp' \
>    /a/mountpoint
> The important part is that second line.  That causes any file with a
> "tmp" suffix to be hashed and placed as though only the part in the
> first parenthesized part of the regex (i.e. without the "tmp") was
> there.  Therefore, creating "xxxtmp" and then renaming it to "xxx" is
> the same as just creating "xxx" in the first place as far as linkfiles
> etc. are concerned.  Note that the excluded part can be anything that
> a regex can match, including a unique random number.  If I recall,
> rsync uses temp files something like this:
>    fubar = .fubar.NNNNNN (where NNNNNNN is a random number)
> I know this probably seems a little voodoo-ish, but with a little bit
> of experimentation to find the right regex you should be able to avoid
> those dreaded linkfiles altogether."
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