[Gluster-users] autogen.sh still needed in 3.8.5

Yannick Perret yannick.perret at liris.cnrs.fr
Tue Oct 25 09:47:32 UTC 2016

some times ago it was reported that 'configure' failed (at least on some 
distro) on 3.8.1 from official .tgz (see 
for corresponding discussion).

The solution is simple: calling ./autogen.sh before solved to problem.
Checking today for 8.3.5 I get the same "problem", and the same solution 
works fine.

The only note (as far as I can see) in 'INSTALL' file is:
If you have cloned from git, run ./autogen.sh

This should be corrected, either by puting "correct" ./config.guess and 
./config.sub files in the tgz or by updating the INSTALL documentation.


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