[Gluster-users] Volume with only one node

Oleksandr Natalenko oleksandr at natalenko.name
Tue Oct 25 08:37:13 UTC 2016


25.10.2016 10:08, Maxence Sartiaux wrote:
> I need to migrate a old 2 node cluster to a proxmox cluster with a
> replicated gluster storage between those two (and a third arbitrer
> node).
> Id like to create a volume with a single node, migrate the data on
> this volume from the old server and then reinstall the second server
> and add the second brick to the volume.

If you have only 2 nodes in total, you may lower replica to replica 1, 
reinstall another node, re-add bricks to form replica 2 and repeat these 
steps for another node. No downtime and data migration by hands needed.

> I found no informations about creating a replicated volume with a
> single node, is it possible ?

Yes, with "force" option, if you really need that.

> Also is it possible to add a third arbitrary node to an existing 2
> replica volume ?

Yes, starting from v3.8.


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