[Gluster-users] Bad sectors on brick

Gandalf Corvotempesta gandalf.corvotempesta at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 13:35:06 UTC 2016

2016-10-24 11:29 GMT+02:00 Niels de Vos <ndevos at redhat.com>:
> The filesystem on the brick will detect the problem, and most likely
> aborts itself. Depending on the configuration (mount options, tune2fs)
> the kernel will panic or mount the filesystem in read-only mode.
> When the filesystem becomes read-only, the brick process will log a
> warning and exit.

So, gluster is able to handle a single bad sector. Kernel puts the FS
in readonly and the brick process will exit.
When the brick process exist, gluster detect the brick as missing and
so on........

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