[Gluster-users] [URGENT] Add-bricks to a volume corrupted the files

Joe Julian joe at julianfamily.org
Wed Oct 19 22:43:29 UTC 2016

Is there a bug open with the client and server logs attached? I would 
take a stab at reproducing as well, but I want to make sure I'm 
comparing apples to apples.

On 10/19/2016 02:39 PM, Kevin Lemonnier wrote:
>> Looked like it was going ok for a while, then blew up. The first windows
>> vm which was running diskmark died and won't boot. qemu-img check shows
>> the image hopelessly corrupted. 2nd VM has also crashed and is
>> unbootable, though qemuimg shows the qcow2 file as ok.
> Ha, glad you could reproduce this ! (Well, all things considered)
> Looks very much like what I had indeed. So it's still a problem
> in recent versions, glad I didn't try again then.
> Thanks for taking the time, let's hope that'll help them :)
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