[Gluster-users] Duplicate entry in "gluster peer status" command

Joe Julian joe at julianfamily.org
Wed Oct 5 06:04:08 UTC 2016

On October 4, 2016 3:40:16 PM GMT+02:00, ABHISHEK PALIWAL <abhishpaliwal at gmail.com> wrote:
>Again I am getting the duplicate peer entries in the peer status
>while restarting system which causing sync failure in the gluster
>between both boards.

This is where you show the output so we can see what the problem is. 

>I am attaching logs from both the node could you please check this and
>me in resolve the issue.

Good, but speaking for myself, some in-line context is better. I cannot open that tar file on my phone. 

>In logs we have BoardA and BoardB where BoardB showing duplicate
>entries in
>"gluster peer status" command.

Some background about how you got here would be helpful as well. 

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