[Gluster-users] New commands for supporting add/remove brick and rebalance on tiered volume

Hari Gowtham hgowtham at redhat.com
Mon Oct 3 06:51:53 UTC 2016


The current add and remove brick commands aren't sufficient to support 
add/remove brick on tiered volumes.So the commands need minor changes 
like mentioning which tier we are doing the operation on. So in order 
to specify the tier on which we are performing the changes, I thought 
of using the following commands for add and remove brick

adding brick on tiered volume:
gluster volume tier <volname> add-hot-brick/add-cold-brick <brick> ... <force>

removing brick on tierd volume:
gluster volume tier <volname> remove-hot-brick/remove-cold-brick <brick> ... <start|stop|status|commit|force>

I have framed it this way because once we mention details about tiering 
these commands become specific to tier and the syntax that we follow for 
commands are gluster volume component <VOLNAME> ...
So i have made sure that the keyword tier comes after volume.
Need suggestions to make these commands better.

Similarly once we support add/remove brick we will be having rebalance 
commands and the idea is to support rebalance separately for each tier.
So once we will have to rebalance status to display for which we need 
rebalance commands specific to tier. so these are the commands we have 
thought of:
gluster v tier <VOLNAME> hot-rebalance/cold-rebalance <start|stop|status> 

Need your comments regarding this.


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