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Thu Nov 17 08:50:21 UTC 2016

2016年11月17日星期四,李立 <dylan-lili at foxmail.com> 写道:

>  Thanks for your reply !
> I have many data folders such as data1,data2... and this data folders
> contains some files. The data will be disable if one files missed. I use
> distributed volume storage the data folders and the files of data folder is
> distributed to all bricks. The all data folders will be disable if   one
> brick down.

 Fully understand your situation. it's your application characteristic
which one file missing will bring the upper layer
application not work.So you want to make the impact of brick failure as
small as possible.

I think out the distributed replica volume,but disk utilization is  less
> than 50% whth replica volume.I can put up with some data missing ,but I
> cann't tolerate all data being disable. So,I want the data folder storage
> just one brick,so that ,if one brick down , it has some data folder disable
> in this brick and other data is well.

 The capacity cost seems the tradeoff of high availability,if you can't
bear it.Two suggestions:
 1. replace replica with EC to overcome the low disk usage while maybe
bring some performance issue.However I'm new to glusterfs and not very sure
about the EC implementation detail and the stableness.

 2. let your application layer to do some work solve the disperse of the
data without glusterfs involving it.

 Hope that is helpful for you.

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