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Thanks for your reply ! I have many data folders such as data1,data2... and this data folders contains some files. The data will be disable if one files missed. I use distributed volume storage the data folders and the files of data folder is distributed to all bricks. The all data folders will be disable if   one brick down. I think out the distributed replica volume,but disk utilization is  less than 50% whth replica volume.I can put up with some data missing ,but I cann't tolerate all data being disable. So,I want the data folder storage just one brick,so that ,if one brick down , it has some data folder disable in this brick and other data is well.


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if you are worrying about the disk failure will bring all your data unavailable,the distributed replica volume is a good choice.

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In distributed volume, the files will be distributed to different bricks.But,my data is a folder if it's lack of a file,the folder of data will be disabled.So, I want a specific folder will be store one brick to avoid dropping a brick and all data is disable.

 I don't understand your purpose.It seems you want all your data which inside one specific directory to be stored on a fixed brick(without dht) instead of letting the data dispersed among all bricks.IMO,that violates the model of "distributed volume".Not sure if i've misunderstood your purpose.Maybe someone will give a different opinion.



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