[Gluster-users] glusterfs best usage / best storage type or model

Roman romeo.r at gmail.com
Sun Mar 27 22:29:58 UTC 2016


Need an advice from heavy glusterfs users and may be devs..

Going to give a try for glusterfs in new direction for me. All the time I
was using GlusterFS as VM storage for KVM guests.

Now going to use it as a main distributed storage  archive for digitalized
(scanned) books in one of libraries in Estonia.

At the very start we are going to scan about 346 GB - 495 GB daily, which
is about 7000 - 10 000 pages. 600 GB in the future. There are some smaller
files per book: a small xml file and compressed pdf (while all the original
files will be tiff). This data goes to production server and then we are
going to archive it on our new glusterfs archive.

At this moment, we've got 2 servers:

one with 22x8TB 5400 RPM SATA HDD disks
second with 15x8TB 5400 RPM SATA HDD disks
We are planning to add remaining disks to the second server at the end of
the year, being budget based institue is crap, I know. So it should be as
easy as extend LVM volume and remount it.

Both the servers will run raid5 or raid6, haven't decided yet, but as we
need as much storage space as possibe per server, seems like it will be

At this moment I'm planing to create just a single distributed storage over
these two servers and mount them on the production server, so it could
archive files there. So it would be like 168+112 = 280 TB storage pool. We
are planing to extend this one anually, by adding HDDs to second server at
the end of first year and then adding some storage by extending the ammount
of servers, wich means, just adding the bricks to the distributed storage

Any better solutions or possibilities ?

Best regards,
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