[Gluster-users] Improving subdir export for NFS-Ganesha

Jiffin Tony Thottan jthottan at redhat.com
Tue Mar 15 06:18:05 UTC 2016

Hi all,

The subdir export is one of key features for NFS server. NFS-ganesha 
have already supports subdir export,
  but it has lot of limitations when it is intregrated with gluster.

Current Implementation :
Following steps are required for a subdir export
* export volume using ganesha.enable option
* edit the export configuration file by adding subdir options
* do refresh-config in that node using ganesha-ha.sh
* limitation : multiple directories cannot be exported at a time via 
                    If user to need to do that(it is possible), all the 
steps should be done in manually
                    which includes creating export conf file, use latest 
export id, include it in ganesha conf etc.
                    And also here it become mandatory to export root 
before exporting subdir.

Suggested approach :

* Introduce new volume set command  "ganesha.subdir" which will handle 
above mentioned issue cleanly
    for example, gluster volume set <volname> ganesha.subdir 
<path1,path2,path3 ...>
    if u want to unexport path2, use the same command  with mentioning path2
    gluster volume set <volname> ganesha.subdir <path1,path3 ...>.(Is 
different option required ?)
    The root of the volume should be export only using ganesha.enable 
    This require a lot of additions in glusterd code base and minor 
changes in snapshot functionality.

Can above mentioned improvement  targeted  for 3.7.x release (3.7.10 or 
3.7.11) or should I need to move it for 3.8 release ?
Please provide your valuable feedback on the same.

Please Note : It is not related to subdir export for fuse mount.


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