[Gluster-users] Upgrading Gluster 3.5.3 to 3.5.7

Michael H. Martel michael.martel at vsc.edu
Mon Mar 7 22:00:37 UTC 2016


I have inherited a Debian Wheezy system running Gluster 3.5.3 .

The sysadmin who was responsible for it, has since moved on and left no 
documentation.  Can I safely do an apt-get upgrade and upgrade to the 
latest 3.5.7 for Debian without any special steps ?  I know that I need to 
shut down the clients and the server, then upgrade the clients and the 
server, and then restart all of them.

The reason that I'm looking at doing the upgrade is that recently, (after a 
reboot) we're seeing the system running out of memory and paging space 
within 48 hours of a reboot.  Previously the system had been up for over a 

I think that our new Network Security person, started scanning the gluster 
server with Nessus about the same time our trouble started.  I'm looking to 
whack him with a wet noodle and get him to stop that.




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