[Gluster-users] about tail command

Alan Millar grunthos503 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 3 06:58:41 UTC 2016

>The command "heal full" is async and "heal info" show nothing need to heal. 
>How could I know when the "heal full"  has completed to replicate these files(a,b and c)?How to monitor the progress?

I'm not a gluster expert; I'm pretty new to this.  Yes, I've had the same problem and it is frustrating.

The other command that goes with "heal info" is "heal statistics".  It is rather hard to read the output, but somewhere in the output you should see a line that says "heal is in progress".  You have to keep rechecking the "heal statistics" output; eventually that line will go away meaning the heal is done.

What I do is:

  gluster vol heal VOLUME-NAME statistics | grep -v -e ' 0$' -e ' time ' -e 'INDEX' 

which gives an easier-to-read output when you just want to see the current status.  

I also look at "du -s" on the source brick and the healing brick to get a sense of overall progress.

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