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songxin songxin_1980 at 126.com
Thu Mar 3 01:57:32 UTC 2016

Thank you very much for your reply.It is very helpful for me.
And I have one more question about "heal full" in glusterfs 3.7.6.

the reproduce steps :
A board:
B board:

1.gluster peer probe                                                                         (on A borad)
2.gluster volume create gv0 force                              (on A borad)
3.gluster volume start gv0                                                                                            (on A borad)
4.mount -t glusterfs gluster                                                         (on A borad)
5.cteate some files(a,b and c) in dirctory gluster                                                          (on A board)

At this time point I want replicate the files created in directory gluster, so I add a empty brick on B  board to volume.

6.gluster volume add-brick gv0 replica 2 force          (on A board)  
7.gluster volume heal gv0 info                                                                                       (on A board)    

Number of entries: 0

Number of entries: 0

The volume will not replicate the files (a,b and c), because these file is created when the volume type is distribute.
So I just use "heal full" to replicate these files.

8.gluster volume heal gv0 full                                                                                           (on A board)

My question is following.

The command "heal full" is async and "heal info" show nothing need to heal. 
How could I know when the "heal full"  has completed to replicate these files(a,b and c)?How to monitor the progress?



At 2016-03-03 00:15:42, "Alan Millar" <grunthos503 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>1. the command "gluster v replace-brick " is async or sync?  The replace is complete when the command quit ? 
>Async.  The command will end immediately, and the replace will continue in the background.  
>Use "gluster volume replace-brick VOLUME-NAME OLD-BRICK NEW-BRICK status" to monitor the progress.
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