[Gluster-users] Troubleshooting Gluster Client Mount Disconnection

Takemura, Won Won.Takemura at healthsparq.com
Fri Feb 19 20:38:54 UTC 2016

I am new user / admin of  Gluster.

I am involved in a support issue where access to a gluster mount fails and the error is displayed when users attempt to access the mount:  -bash: cd: /app/: Transport endpoint is not connected
A reboot restores the access to the gluster mount since there is an fstab entry.
After an undetermined amount of time the mount is "lost"

There are 2 client Centos servers configured to establish an NFS mount to gluster volumes upon boot in the fstab.
Each have three mounts to gluster.


*         Server A has not experienced any issues on any of the mounts.

*         Server B loses the mount to /app. The other two mounts are not affected.

Client Info:
fuse init (API version 7.14)

Any feedback on where to look in client logs for details on this failure would be appreciated.

I am pursuing this from the view that Server B has an issue since Server A has no issues.
I think the issue is with the client and not the gluster instance.



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