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jayakrishnan mm jayakrishnan.mm at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 06:43:29 UTC 2016


I have  two server nodes, gluster1  & gluster2 ,running  on Ubuntu 14.04,
and  is  using gluster ver 3.7.6 . I am  using fio tools  ver 2.6  for
testing  performance.(IO engine= libaio)

gluster1  server node  is a  high performance CPU (8 core , i7/3.4GHz)
with  SSD (random rw performance  without glusterFS  is ~14MB/s with ext4
FS, 150 GB ), while

gluster2 is a Pentium g840 CPU (2 core, 2.8GHz) with a WD HDD of 1 TB
size.(random rw performance without glusterFS  is ~500KB/s only with ext4).

1. I  see gluster1  seq read performance is much higher  than gluster 2.
See below data(in KB/s).Is this  because gluster1 CPU is better  and  it
is  using SSD ?(replica 2)

Seq. read Seq. write
gluster1 319882 83253
gluster2 135931 61059

2. I also  see  gluster2 performs  well  when configured  as distributed
volumes, compared  to gluster1. Why is it  so ? Pls see  the  below
data.(in KB/s)

random read random write
gluster1 1029 1027
gluster2 3358 3353

Expecting experts'  answer.

Best Regards,

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