[Gluster-users] Increasing replica count from 2 to 3

Jackie Tung jackie at drive.ai
Thu Dec 29 02:00:45 UTC 2016

Version is 3.8.7 on Ubuntu xenial.

On Dec 28, 2016 5:56 PM, "Jackie Tung" <jackie at drive.ai> wrote:

> If someone has experience to share in this area, i'd be grateful.  I have
> an existing distributed replicated volume, 2x16.
> We have a third server ready to go.  Redhat docs say just run add brick
> replica 3, then run rebalance.
> The rebalance step feels a bit off to me.  Isn't some kind of heal
> operation in order rather than rebalance?
> No additional usable space will be introduced, only replica count increase
> from 2 to 3.
> Thanks
> Jackie


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