[Gluster-users] File operation failure on simple distributed volume

yonex yonexyonex at icloud.com
Mon Dec 12 16:05:14 UTC 2016


When my application moves a file from it's local disk to FUSE-mounted
GlusterFS volume, the client outputs many warnings and errors not
always but occasionally. The volume is a simple distributed volume.

A sample of logs pasted: http://pastebin.com/axkTCRJX

It seems to come from something like a network disconnection
("Transport endpoint is not connected") at a glance, but other
networking applications on the same machine don't observe such a
thing. So I guess there may be a problem somewhere in GlusterFS stack.

It ended in failing to rename a file, logging PHP Warning like below:

    PHP Warning:  rename(/glusterfs01/db1/stack/f0/13a9a2f0): failed
to open stream: Input/output error in [snipped].php on line 278
    PHP Warning:
Input/output error in [snipped].php on line 278


- GlusterFS 3.8.5 installed via yum CentOS-Gluster-3.8.repo
- Volume info and status pasted: http://pastebin.com/JPt2KeD8
- Client machines' OS: Scientific Linux 6 or CentOS 6.
- Server machines' OS: CentOS 6.
- Kernel version is 2.6.32-642.6.2.el6.x86_64 on all machines.
- The number of connected FUSE clients is 260.
- No firewall between connected machines.
- Neither remounting volumes nor rebooting client machines take effect.
- It is caused by not only rename() but also copy() and filesize() operation.
- No outputs in brick logs when it happens.

Any ideas? I'd appreciate any help.


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