[Gluster-users] Glustertests with 3 Nodes and dispersed Volumes are slow

Bode, Jörg bode at itemis.de
Fri Dec 9 13:19:21 UTC 2016

Hi everbofy there, I am Jörg from Germany and love to build good solution
with high intelligent Software in a simple way.

I come on your grate software by evaluating my environment and think that I
have lot to much hardware , So I try to move my NFS storage for my KVM
Servers to the Servers themselves. It there are easy qcow2 images. I want
the to run from local (cluster) disk. So, I start building a lab for
testing my idea. The first few tests were very fine wie distributed storage
and also replicated. I came a long to begin loving your work and start more
tests. I read about erasure code - a raid5 style setup. So I install 3
Cents mashines and build a build a dispersed volume over 3 servers with 1
Brick on each. What I see on my simple tests was very hard. Only 40 MB/s
writespeed on the local mounted glustervolume. I tested a lot - also on
high perfomance hardware. But I didn't find a solution.

Have you any idea why the performance is so slow? Even with a 4 Server...
All are connected over 1 Gbit/s Network.

Thanks for your answer...
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