[Gluster-users] Need help to design a data storage

Ashish Pandey aspandey at redhat.com
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Hi Sham, 

If your main concern is data redundancy, I would suggest you to go for erasure coded volume provided by gluster. 
Erasure coded (EC) volume or disperse volume can provide you redundancy without wasting too much storage. 
More on that you can find on https://gluster.readthedocs.io/en/latest/Administrator%20Guide/Setting%20Up%20Volumes/ 
under the heading "Creating Dispersed Volumes" 

Overall setup depends on your infrastructure, hardware, number of nodes and network. 
If you have 6 hard disk of 1TB each on 6 different nodes, you can setup a 4+2 (k+m) ec volume. k = data bricks and m = redundancy brick 
Here 2 is the number of redundancy. That means even if 2 hard drive fail , you can do IO on this volume. As soon as HD's come back, the data will be healed automatically. 
You will have 4TB of storage space while 2TB will be used for redundancy. You can have different number of redundancies like 4+1, 4+2, 8+4 etc. 


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I want to store data which is 135TB, and main requirement is data redundancy, i can scarify of data performance, but data should not be lost. 

​can you help me in a design​ 

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