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Ted Miller tmiller at sonsetsolutions.org
Wed Aug 3 19:21:06 UTC 2016

On 8/2/2016 8:14 AM, Gilberto Nunes wrote:

> Hello list...
> This is my first post on this list.
> I have here two IBM Server, with 9 TB of hardisk on which one.
> Between this servers, I have a WAN connecting two offices,let say OFFICE1 
> and OFFICE2.
> This WAN connection is over fibre channel.
> When I setting up gluster with replica with two bricks, and mount the 
> gluster volume in other folder, like this:
> mount -t glusterfs localhost:/VOLUME /STORAGE
> and when I go to that folder, and try to access the content, I get a lot of 
> timeout... Even a single ls give a lot of time to return the list.
> This folder, /STORAGE is access by many users, through samba share.
> So, when OFFICE1 access the gluster server access the files over 
> \\server\share, has a long delay to show the files.... Sometimes, get time out.
> My question is: is there some way to improve the gluster to work faster in 
> this scenario??
> Thanks a lot.
> Best regards
> -- 
> Gilberto Ferreira
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> Skype: gilberto.nunes36
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I probably can't help, but I can tell you the kind of things that will help 
people to understand your problem better.

What is the bandwidth between sites?

What is the ping time between sites?

If you run "ping -c10000 <OFFICE2>" from OFFICE1, how many pings fail?

What else can you tell us about the WAN connection that would help us 
understand your situation?

How many files are there in the \\server\share directory?

Are people at both sites actively writing files to the shared storage?  If 
not, you may need to look at gluster geo-replication. It is one way, so all 
writing would have to be done to OFFICE1, with OFFICE2 having read-only 
access.  (Some things that works wonderfully for, other things it doesn't 
work at all.)

I can also tell you that no one who has tried it will endorse running a 
production replica 2 cluster over WAN.  You are asking for either downtime or 
split-brain or both.  Replica 3 is the minimum for production use of a 
replicate cluster, even over LAN.

Ted Miller
Elkhart, IN, USA

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