[Gluster-users] Gluster on ZFS with Compression

Tiemen Ruiten t.ruiten at rdmedia.com
Wed Sep 30 08:36:21 UTC 2015

Hello Lindsay,

>From personal experience: A two node volume can get you into trouble when
one of the nodes goes down unexpectedly/crashes. At the very least, you
should have an arbiter volume (introduced in Gluster 3.7) on a separate
physical node.

We are running oVirt VM's on top of a two node Gluster cluster and a few
months ago, I ended up transferring several terabytes from one node to the
other because it was the fastest way to resolve the split-brain issues
after a crash of Gluster on one of the nodes. In effect, the second node
did not give us any redundancy, because the vm-images in split-brain would
not be available for writes.

I don't think 4 GB is enough RAM, especially if you have a large L2ARC:
every L2ARC entry needs an entry in ARC as well, which is always in RAM.
RAM is relatively cheap nowadays, so go for at least 16 or 32.

You should also count the number of spindles you have and have it not
exceed the number of VM's  you're running much to get decent disk IO

On 30 September 2015 at 07:00, Lindsay Mathieson <
lindsay.mathieson at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm revisiting Gluster for the purpose of hosting Virtual Machine images
> (KVM). I was considering the following configuration
> 2 Nodes
> - 1 Brick per node (replication = 2)
> - 2 * 1GB Eth, LACP Bonded
> - Bricks hosted on ZFS
> - VM Images accessed via Block driver (gfapi)
> ZFS Config:
> - Raid 10
> - SSD SLOG and L2ARC
> - 4 GB RAM
>  - Compression (lz4)
> Does that seem like an sane layout?
> Question: With the gfapi driver, does the vm image appear as a file on the
> host (zfs) file system?
> Background: I currently have our VM's hosted on Ceph using a similar
> config as above, minus zfs. I've found that the performance for such a
> small setup is terrible, the maintenance headache is high and when a drive
> drops out, the performance gets *really* bad. Last time I checked, gluster
> was much slower at healing large files than ceph, I'm hoping that has
> improved :)
> --
> Lindsay
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