[Gluster-users] Advice for auto-scaling

Paul Thomas paul at thomas3.plus.com
Wed Sep 16 15:30:37 UTC 2015

Would you run puppet in init.d of the new node to sync infrastructure?

Then you could use rundeck to trigger the shared config on each 
instance, for on demand syncing.

On 16/09/15 13:23, Paul Thomas wrote:
> Hi,
> I’m new to shared file systems and horizontal cloud scaling.
> I have already played with auto-scaling on aws/ec2. In term of 
> spawning a destroying and I can achieve that.
> I just want to some advice of how best implement syncing for web 
> files, infrastructure, data, etc.
> I have pretty much decided to put the database side of things on a 
> private instance.
> I'll worry about db clustering later I’m not to bothered about this 
> not, because the software supports it.
> It seems logical to put the web folder / application layer on a shared 
> file system, maybe some configuration too.
> What I'm really unsure about is how to ensure that the current system 
> is up to date and the configuration tweaked for the physical specs.
> How do people typically approach this? I'm guessing it not always 
> viable to have a shared file system for everything.
> Is the approach a disciplined one? Where say I have development 
> instance for infrastructure changes.
> Then there is a deployment flow where production instances are somehow 
> refreshed without downtime.
> Or is there some other approach?
> I notice on sites like yahoo, things are often noticeably unsynced, 
> mostly on the data front, but also other things.
> This would be unacceptable in my case.
> I appreciate any help I can get regarding this.
> My typical load is from php-fpm/nginx processes, mysql bellow this.
> Should the memory cache also be separated, or as I think it is quite 
> good for this to be divided up with the infrastructure to support each 
> public instance individually?
> Paul
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