[Gluster-users] Gluster 3.7 and OpenShift Enterprise v3

Ryan Nix ryan.nix at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 02:04:35 UTC 2015


We're evaluating OpenShift v3, which uses Docker. The manual recommends
using NFS v4 for storage. I would much prefer to use Gluster's native
client instead of NFS, mainly because the Gluster client is so easy to use.
One of our Redhat SEs says it is probably fine to use Gluster instead of
NFS v4 for now until OpenShift gets formal support for Gluster in OpenShift
3.1. I asked him why Gluster wasn't initially supported and he said it
probably came down to not having enough time to test thoroughly before
OSE's release.

Does anyone have any experience with running Docker images with Gluster
using the Gluster client? Is it possible that Redhat's recommendation is
based on the performance of NFS v4 vs Gluster? I can't seem to find
anything that says one is faster than the other. Has anyone used Gluster
with Docker (which powers OpenShift)?

Thanks for any insights.

- Ryan
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