[Gluster-users] snapshot directory not available on glusterfs 3.7.2

Merlin Morgenstern merlin.morgenstern at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 07:37:30 UTC 2015

According to the docs, snapshots should be present at "gs:/snaps" just as
volumes are under "gs:/volume". This is not the case. I can see mounted
snaps under /var/rund/snaps/UUID/...

Furthermore the name of the snapshot is not as declared in the command.
E.g. "snap1", but it is "snap1_timestamp"

Automounted snaps right after creation are located in:
/dev/mapper/gluster-7cb4b2c8f8a64ceaba62bc4ca6cd76b2_0   20G  7.0G   12G
38% /run/gluster/snaps/7cb4b2c8f8a64ceaba62bc4ca6cd76b2/brick2

My questions are now:

1) Where are the snapshots, and how to mount them from a remote machine?
mount -t glusterfs gs2:/snaps/snapname/volname /mountpoint does not work

2) how can I have know the name of the snapshot in order to automate
mounting with a bash script. I do want to mount the latest snapshot.

This is the info I get from my snapshots:

$ sudo gluster snapshot info volume vol1

Volume Name               : vol1

Snaps Taken               : 4

Snaps Available           : 252

Snapshot                  : snap1_GMT-2015.09.02-05.48.52

Snap UUID                 : 149ac7b3-9037-4f29-9ab9-076ec42c2d4f

Created                   : 2015-09-02 05:48:52

Status                    : Stopped

 Thank you in advance for any help.
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