[Gluster-users] glusterfs-3.7.5 released

Pranith Kumar Karampuri pkarampu at redhat.com
Wed Oct 14 09:40:41 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce the release of GlusterFS-3.7.5. This release
includes 70 changes after 3.7.4. The list of fixed bugs is included

Tarball and RPMs can be downloaded from

Ubuntu debs are available from

Debian Unstable (sid) packages have been updated and should be
available from default repos.

NetBSD has updated ports at

Upgrade notes from 3.7.2 and earlier
GlusterFS uses insecure ports by default from release v3.7.3. This
causes problems when upgrading from release 3.7.2 and below to 3.7.3
and above. Performing the following steps before upgrading helps avoid

- Enable insecure ports for all volumes.

  gluster volume set <VOLNAME> server.allow-insecure on
  gluster volume set <VOLNAME> client.bind-insecure on

- Enable insecure ports for GlusterD. Set the following line in

  option rpc-auth-allow-insecure on

  This needs to be done on all the members in the cluster.

Fixed bugs
1258313 - Start self-heal and display correct heal info after replace brick
1268804 - Test tests/bugs/shard/bug-1245547.t failing consistently when run with patch http://review.gluster.org/#/c/11938/
1261234 - Possible memory leak during rebalance with large quantity of files
1259697 - Disperse volume: Huge memory leak of glusterfsd process
1267817 - No quota API to get real hard-limit value.
1267822 - Have a way to disable readdirp on dht from glusterd volume set command
1267823 - Perf: Getting bad performance while doing ls
1267532 - Data Tiering:CLI crashes with segmentation fault when user tries "gluster v tier" command
1267149 - Perf: Getting bad performance while doing ls
1266822 - Add more logs in failure code paths + port existing messages to the msg-id framework
1262335 - Fix invalid logic in tier.t
1251821 - /usr/lib/glusterfs/ganesha/ganesha_ha.sh is distro specific
1258338 - Data Tiering: Tiering related information is not displayed in gluster volume info xml output
1266872 - FOP handling during file migration is broken in the release-3.7 branch.
1266882 - RFE: posix: xattrop 'GF_XATTROP_ADD_DEF_ARRAY' implementation
1246397 - POSIX ACLs as used by a FUSE mount can not use more than 32 groups
1265633 - AFR : "gluster volume heal <volume_name info" doesn't report the fqdn of storage nodes.
1259659 - Fix bug in arbiter-statfs.t
1261716 - read/write performance improvements for VM workload
1261716 - read/write performance improvements for VM workload
1258727 - porting logging messages to new logging framework
1265892 - Data Tiering : Writes to a file being promoted/demoted are missing once the file migration is complete
1262881 - nfs-ganesha: refresh-config stdout output includes dbus messages "method return sender=:1.61 -> dest=:1.65 reply_serial=2"
1265890 - rm command fails with "Transport end point not connected" during add brick
1261444 - cli : volume start will create/overwrite ganesha export file
1258347 - Data Tiering: Tiering related information is not displayed in gluster volume status xml output
1258340 - Data Tiering:Volume task status showing as remove brick when detach tier is trigger
1260919 - Quota+Rebalance : While rebalance is in progress , quota list shows 'Used Space' more than the Hard Limit set
1264738 - 'gluster v tier/attach-tier/detach-tier help' command shows the usage, and then throws 'Tier command failed' error message
1262700 - DHT + rebalance :- file permission got changed (sticky bit and setgid is set) after file migration failure
1263191 - Error not propagated correctly if selfheal layout lock fails
1258244 - Data Tieirng:Change error message as detach-tier error message throws as "remove-brick"
1263746 - Data Tiering:Setting only promote frequency and no demote frequency causes crash
1262408 - Data Tieirng:Detach tier status shows number of failures even when all files are migrated successfully
1262547 - `getfattr -n replica.split-brain-status <file>' command hung on the mount
1262547 - `getfattr -n replica.split-brain-status <file>' command hung on the mount
1262344 - quota: numbers of warning messages in nfs.log a single file itself
1260858 - glusterd: volume status backward compatibility
1261742 - Tier: glusterd crash when trying to detach , when hot tier is having exactly one brick and cold tier is of replica type
1262197 - DHT: Few files are missing after remove-brick operation
1261008 - Do not expose internal sharding xattrs to the application.
1262341 - Database locking due to write contention between CTR sql connection and tier migrator sql connection
1261715 - [HC] Fuse mount crashes, when client-quorum is not met
1260511 - fuse client crashed during i/o
1261664 - Tiering status command is very cumbersome.
1259694 - Data Tiering:Regression:Commit of detach tier passes without directly without even issuing a detach tier start
1260859 - snapshot: from nfs-ganesha mount no content seen in .snaps/<snapshot-name> directory
1260856 - xml output for volume status on tiered volume
1260593 - man or info page of gluster needs to be updated with self-heal commands.
1257394 - Provide more meaningful errors on peer probe and peer detach
1258769 - Porting log messages to new framework
1255110 - client is sending io to arbiter with replica 2
1259652 - quota test 'quota-nfs.t' fails spuriously
1259726 - Fix reads on zero-byte shards representing holes in the file
1259360 - garbage files created in /var/run/gluster
1248941 - Logging : unnecessary log message "REMOVEXATTR No data available " when files are written to glusterfs mount
1259225 - Add node of nfs-ganesha not working on rhel7.1
1259225 - Add node of nfs-ganesha not working on rhel7.1
1259079 - Data Tiering:3.7.0:data loss:detach-tier not flushing data to cold-tier
1259078 - should not spawn another migration daemon on graph switch
1259081 - I/O failure on attaching tier on fuse client
1258845 - Change order of marking AFR post op
1258976 - packaging: gluster-server install failure due to %ghost of hooks/.../delete
1258736 - porting log messages to a new framework
1250388 - [RFE] changes needed in snapshot info command's xml output.
1258798 - bug-948686.t fails spuriously
1258717 - gluster-nfs : contents of export file is not updated correctly in its context
1258113 - snapshot delete all command fails with --xml option.
1255384 - Detached node list stale snaps
1258411 - trace xlator: Print write size also in trace_writev logs
1248890 - AFR: Make [f]xattrop metadata transaction
1258406 - porting log messages to a new framework
1258377 - ACL created on a dht.linkto file on a files that skipped rebalance


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