[Gluster-users] gluster-3.7 cannot start volume & ganesha feature cannot turn on problem

莊尚豪 benchuang at iii.org.tw
Tue Jun 2 08:12:45 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I have two question for glusterfs-3.7 on fedora-22

I used to have a glusterfs cluster version 3.6.2. 

The following configuration can be work in version-3.6.2, but not in


There is 2 node for glusterfs.

OS: fedora 22

Gluster: 3.7 on


#gluster peer probe n1

#gluster volume create ganesha n1:/data/brick1/gv0 n2:/data/brick1/gv0


Volume Name: ganesha

Type: Distribute

Volume ID: cbb8d360-0025-419c-a12b-b29e4b91d7f8

Status: Created

Number of Bricks: 2

Transport-type: tcp


Brick1: n1:/data/brick1/gv0

Brick2: n2:/data/brick1/gv0

Options Reconfigured:

performance.readdir-ahead: on


The problem to start the volume "ganesha" 

#gluster volume start ganesha


volume start: ganesha: failed: Commit failed on localhost. Please check the
log file for more details.


LOG in /var/log/glusterfs/bricks/data-brick1-gv0.log


[2015-06-02 08:02:55.232923] I [MSGID: 100030] [glusterfsd.c:2294:main]
0-/usr/sbin/glusterfsd: Started running /usr/sbin/glusterfsd version 3.7.0
(args: /usr/sbin/glusterfsd -s n2 --volfile-id ganesha.n2.data-brick1-gv0 -p
/var/lib/glusterd/vols/ganesha/run/n2-data-brick1-gv0.pid -S
/var/run/gluster/73ea8a39514304f5ebd440321d784386.socket --brick-name
/data/brick1/gv0 -l /var/log/glusterfs/bricks/data-brick1-gv0.log
--xlator-option *-posix.glusterd-uuid=35547067-d343-4fee-802a-0e911b5a07cd
--brick-port 49157 --xlator-option ganesha-server.listen-port=49157)

[2015-06-02 08:02:55.284206] I
[event-epoll.c:629:event_dispatch_epoll_worker] 0-epoll: Started thread with
index 1

[2015-06-02 08:02:55.397923] W [xlator.c:192:xlator_dynload] 0-xlator:
/usr/lib64/glusterfs/3.7.0/xlator/features/changelog.so: undefined symbol:

[2015-06-02 08:02:55.397963] E [graph.y:212:volume_type] 0-parser: Volume
'ganesha-changelog', line 30: type 'features/changelog' is not valid or not
found on this machine

[2015-06-02 08:02:55.397992] E [graph.y:321:volume_end] 0-parser: "type" not
specified for volume ganesha-changelog

[2015-06-02 08:02:55.398214] E [MSGID: 100026]
[glusterfsd.c:2149:glusterfs_process_volfp] 0-: failed to construct the

[2015-06-02 08:02:55.398423] W [glusterfsd.c:1219:cleanup_and_exit] (--> 0-:
received signum (0), shutting down


I cannot google method to resolve it.

Does anyone have across this problem?


Another question is the feature in nfs-ganesha(version 2.2)

The volume command I cannot turn on this feature.

I try to copy the demo glusterfs-ganesha video but cannot work.

Demo link: https://plus.google.com/events/c9omal6366f2cfkcd0iuee5ta1o


[root at n1 brick1]# gluster nfs-ganesha enable

Enabling NFS-Ganesha requires Gluster-NFS to be disabled across the trusted
pool. Do you still want to continue? (y/n) y

nfs-ganesha: failed: Commit failed on localhost. Please check the log file
for more details.


Does anyone have the detail configuration?

THANKS for giving advice.





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