[Gluster-users] Bareos backup from Gluster mount

André Bauer abauer at magix.net
Wed Jul 29 17:36:23 UTC 2015

We're using Bacula (Bareos is a fork of it) for backups.
Never had any problems doing backups of Gluster volumes.

Am 27.07.2015 um 23:02 schrieb Ryan Clough:
> Hello,
> I have cross-posted this question in the bareos-users mailing list.
> Wondering if anyone has tried this because I am unable to backup data
> that is mounted via Gluster Fuse or Gluster NFS. Basically, I have the
> Gluster volume mounted on the Bareos Director which also has the tape
> changer attached.
> Here is some information about versions:
> Bareos version 14.2.2
> Gluster version 3.7.2
> Scientific Linux version 6.6
> Our Gluster volume consists of two nodes in distribute only. Here is the
> configuration of our volume:
> [root at hgluster02 ~]# gluster volume info
> Volume Name: export_volume
> Type: Distribute
> Volume ID: c74cc970-31e2-4924-a244-4c70d958dadb
> Status: Started
> Number of Bricks: 2
> Transport-type: tcp
> Bricks:
> Brick1: hgluster01:/gluster_data
> Brick2: hgluster02:/gluster_data
> Options Reconfigured:
> performance.io-thread-count: 24
> server.event-threads: 20
> client.event-threads: 4
> performance.readdir-ahead: on
> features.inode-quota: on
> features.quota: on
> nfs.disable: off
> auth.allow: 192.168.10.*,10.0.10.*,10.8.0.*,10.2.0.*,10.0.60.*
> server.allow-insecure: on
> server.root-squash: on
> performance.read-ahead: on
> features.quota-deem-statfs: on
> diagnostics.brick-log-level: WARNING
> When I try to backup a directory from Gluster Fuse or Gluster NFS mount
> and I monitor the network communication I only see data being pulled
> from the hgluster01 brick. When the job finishes Bareos thinks that it
> completed without error but included in the messages for the job are
> lots and lots of permission denied errors like this:
> 15-Jul 02:03 ripper.red.dsic.com-fd JobId 613:      Cannot open
> "/export/rclough/psdv-2014-archives-2/scan_111.tar.bak": ERR=Permission
> denied.
> 15-Jul 02:03 ripper.red.dsic.com-fd JobId 613:      Cannot open
> "/export/rclough/psdv-2014-archives-2/run_219.tar.bak": ERR=Permission
> denied.
> 15-Jul 02:03 ripper.red.dsic.com-fd JobId 613:      Cannot open
> "/export/rclough/psdv-2014-archives-2/scan_112.tar.bak": ERR=Permission
> denied.
> 15-Jul 02:03 ripper.red.dsic.com-fd JobId 613:      Cannot open
> "/export/rclough/psdv-2014-archives-2/run_220.tar.bak": ERR=Permission
> denied.
> 15-Jul 02:03 ripper.red.dsic.com-fd JobId 613:      Cannot open
> "/export/rclough/psdv-2014-archives-2/scan_114.tar.bak": ERR=Permission
> denied.
> At first I thought this might be a root-squash problem but, if I try to
> read/copy a file using the root user from the Bareos server that is
> trying to do the backup, I can read files just fine.
> When the job finishes is reports that it finished "OK -- with warnings"
> but, again the log for the job is filled with "ERR=Permission denied"
> messages. In my opinion, this job did not finish OK and should be
> Failed. Some of the files from the HGluster02 brick are backed up but
> all of the ones with permission errors do not. When I restore the job,
> all of the files with permission errors are empty.
> Has anyone successfully used Bareos to backup data from Gluster mounts?
> This is an important use case for us because this is the largest single
> volume that we have to prepare large amounts of data to be archived.
> Thank you for your time,
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> Ryan Clough
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> Decision Sciences International Corporation
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