[Gluster-users] backupvolfile-server fqdn vs short

Alastair Neil ajneil.tech at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 15:37:37 UTC 2015

I just had a curious failure.  I have a gluster 3.6.3 replica 3 volume
which was mounted via an 3.6.3 client  from one of the nodes with the other
two specified in the backupvolfile-server mount option.  In the fstab entry
all the nodes are referenced by their fully qualified domain names.

When I rebooted the primary node, the mount became detached because the
client was trying to use the short name to communicate with the backup
nodes and failing to resolve it.  This was fixed by adding the domain to
the search in resolv.conf.  However I am curious as to why it should try
and use the short name instead of the fqdn specified in the fstab entry?
The nodes all have peer entries for hostname, ip address and fqdn.

Thanks,  Alastair
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