[Gluster-users] Gluster News of week #28/2015

Niels de Vos ndevos at redhat.com
Sun Jul 19 19:24:06 UTC 2015

For many clickable links in this news post, you can go to the original
blog or the Gluster Planet:

 - http://blog.nixpanic.net/2015/07/gluster-news-of-week-282015.html
 - http://planet.gluster.org

Please remember to update the etherpad for next week, anyone with a
topic that should get included should add it themselves, or risk that it
gets missed.



Thanks to Andre Bauer for suggesting a "This week in Gluster" blog post
series. This post is the 1st of its kind, and hopefully we manage to
write something every week. Future blog posts are edited on a public
etherpad where everyone can contribute snippets. Suggestions for
improvement can be shared on the mailinglists or on the etherpad.

As every week on Wednesday, there was a Gluster Community Meeting. The
minutes have been posted to the list. The next meeting happens on
Wednesday, at 12:00 UTC in #gluster-meeting on Freenode IRC.

Proxmox installations of Debian 8 fail when the VM image is stored on a
Gluster volume. After many troubleshooting steps and trying different
ideas, it was found out that there is an issue with the version of Qemu
delivered by Proxmox. Qemu on Proxmox 3.4, the Debian 8 kernel with
virtio-disks and storage on Gluster do not work well together. Initially
thought to be a Gluster issue, was identified to be related to Proxmox.
In order to install Debian 8 on Proxmox 3.4, a workaround is to
configure IDE/SATA disks instead of virtio, or use NFS instead of
Qemu+libgfapi. More details and alternative workarounds can be found in
the email thread.

On IRC, Jampy asked about a problem with Proxmox containers which have
their root filesystem on Gluster/NFS. Gluster/NFS has a bug where
unix-domain-sockets are created as pipes/fifos. This unsurprisingly
causes applications of unix-domain-sockets to behave incorrectly. Bug
1235231 already was filed and fixed in the master branch, on Friday
backports have been posted to the release-3.7, 3.6 and 3.5 branches.
Next releases are expected to have the fix merged.

Atin sent out a call for "Gluster Office Hours", manning the #gluster
IRC channel and announce who will (try to) be available on certian
days/times. Anyone who is willing to man the IRC channel and help to
answer (or redirect) questions of users can sign up.

From Douglas Landgrafs report of FISL16:

> We also had a talk about Gluster and oVirt by Marcelo Barbosa, he
> showed how oVirt + Gluster is running in the development company that
> he works. In the end, people asked questions how he integrated FreeIPA
> with oVirt and how well is running Jenkins and Gerrit servers on top
> of oVirt. Next year Marcelo should take 2 slots for a similar talks,
> people are very interested in Gluster with oVirt and real use cases as
> demonstrated.

GlusterFS 3.5.5 and 3.6.4 have been released and packages for different
distributions have been made available.

Our Jenkins instance now supports connecting over https, before only
http was available. A temporary self-signed certificate is used, an
official one has been requested from the certificate authority.

Manu has updated the NetBSD slaves that are used for regression testing
with Jenkins. The slaves are now running NetBSD 7.0 RC1.
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