[Gluster-users] Plans for Gluster 3.8

Pierre Léonard pierre-mgp-jouy.inra at agsic.net
Wed Jul 15 07:16:39 UTC 2015

Hl All,
> OTOH, we are *extremely* serious about stability and there is an ever 
> increasing focus on testing & feedback from testing. Some of the 
> recent actions in this space include:
> - Weekly IRC bug triage meetings for prioritizing bugs
> - Addition of dedicated maintainers for tests in gluster
> - More pre-commit & post-commit tests being integrated with Jenkins

Yes you are right stability is a major problem. If something happen like 
electric cut, reboot of a node, the /var/lib/glusterd/peers files are in 
a poor status. and each time I have to rebuild them and controle with 
the node.uid files. It take to many time and block the cluster.

I hope that you find the best stability for the new release.


Pierre Léonard

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