[Gluster-users] Newbie: Exploring Gluster for large-scale deployment in AWS, large media files, high performance I/O

Kingsley gluster at gluster.dogwind.com
Tue Jul 14 23:14:05 UTC 2015

On Tue, 2015-07-14 at 18:13 -0400, Forrest Aldrich wrote:
> Hrm, we have an 80T volume now, comprised over several RAID0, 2-disk
> stripes; each drive 5TB SATA.
> That's on the commercial third-party Direct Connect instance; which is
> not to say that we couldn't test something using a slew of EBS volumes
> in some odd configuration.   We're open to whatever at this point.
> Amazon is offering EFS, but I'm not convinced yet that this will get
> us the performance we need.

I don't have the answer to your questions, but I have a few questions of
my own that may play a part in this.

The read/write performance you need - is this aggregate performance
across many clients, or is this just one or two clients with high
individual requirements for storage I/O?

If your setup is many clients with maybe 10MB/s requirement, and all
accessing separate files which might be on different server groups,
that's easier to cope with than perhaps a small number of clients that
each require several hundred MB/s speeds.


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