[Gluster-users] Newbie: Exploring Gluster for large-scale deployment in AWS, large media files, high performance I/O

Mathieu Chateau mathieu.chateau at lotp.fr
Tue Jul 14 19:06:07 UTC 2015


is it 380MB in read or write ? What level of redundancy do you need?
do you really need nfs stack or just a mount point (and so be able to use
native gluster protocol) ?

Gluster load is mostly put on clients, not server (clients do the sync
writes to all replica, and do the memory cache)


2015-07-14 20:49 GMT+02:00 Forrest Aldrich <forrie at gmail.com>:

> I'm exploring solutions to help us achieve high throughput and scalability
> within the AWS environment.   Specifically, I work in a department where we
> handle and produce video content that results in very large files (30GB
> etc) that must be written to NFS, chopped up and copied over on the same
> mount (there are some odd limits to the code we use, but that's outside the
> scope of this question).
> Currently, we're using a commercial vendor with AWS, with dedicated Direct
> Connect instances as the back end to our production.   We're maxing out at
> 350 to 380 MB/s which is not enough.  We expect our capacity will double or
> even triple when we bring on more classes or even other entities and we
> need to find a way to squeeze out as much I/O as we can.
> Our software model depends on NFS, there's no way around that presently.
> Since GlusterFS uses FUSE, I'm concerned about performance, which is a key
> issue.   Sounds like a STRIPE would be appropriate.
> My basic understanding of Gluster is the ability to include several
> "bricks" which could be multiples of either dedicated EBS volumes or even
> multiple instances of the above commercial vendor, served up via NFS
> namespace, which would be transparently a single namespace to client
> connections.   The I/O could be distributed in this manner.
> I wonder if someone here with more experience with the above might
> elaborate on whether GlusterFS could be used in the above scenario.
> Specifically, performance I/O.  We'd really like to gain upwards as much as
> possible, like 700 Mb/s and 1 GB/s and up if possible.
> Thanks in advance.
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