[Gluster-users] back to problems: gluster 3.5.4, qemu and debian 8

Roman romeo.r at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 16:59:41 UTC 2015


I've reported a lot about this, but every  time there was something that
made me think, that it was not a glusterfs problem, but it seems it is.

Please, some1 from dev-s, setup a very simple installation:

lates proxmox
glusterfs server and client 3.5.4
and try to install debian jessie (8) on such platform.

You will be out of luck every single try with random errors. Even if you
will get a lucky bird and install the OS itself, you will fail on any
installation that requires a lot of small files to download and unpack:
like gnome3 installation ie. the files a being corrupted.

Need help with this ASAP.

Best regards,
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