[Gluster-users] Quorum For replica 3 storage

Punit Dambiwal hypunit at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 09:33:47 UTC 2015


I have deployed one replica 3 storage...but i am facing some issue with

Let me elaborate more :-

1. I have 3 node machines and every machine has 5 HDD(Bricks)...No
RAID...Just JBOD...
2. Gluster working fine when just add 3 HDD as below :-

B HDD from server 1
B HDD from server 2
B HDD from server 3

But when i add more bricks as below :-

[root at stor1 ~]# gluster volume info

Volume Name: 3TB
Type: Distributed-Replicate
Volume ID: 5be9165c-3402-4083-b3db-b782da2fb8d8
Status: Stopped
Number of Bricks: 5 x 3 = 15
Transport-type: tcp
Brick1: stor1:/bricks/b/vol1
Brick2: stor2:/bricks/b/vol1
Brick3: stor3:/bricks/b/vol1
Brick4: stor1:/bricks/c/vol1
Brick5: stor2:/bricks/c/vol1
Brick6: stor3:/bricks/c/vol1
Brick7: stor1:/bricks/d/vol1
Brick8: stor2:/bricks/d/vol1
Brick9: stor3:/bricks/d/vol1
Brick10: stor1:/bricks/e/vol1
Brick11: stor2:/bricks/e/vol1
Brick12: stor3:/bricks/e/vol1
Brick13: stor1:/bricks/f/vol1
Brick14: stor2:/bricks/f/vol1
Brick15: stor3:/bricks/f/vol1
Options Reconfigured:
nfs.disable: off
user.cifs: enable
auth.allow: *
performance.quick-read: off
performance.read-ahead: off
performance.io-cache: off
performance.stat-prefetch: off
cluster.eager-lock: enable
network.remote-dio: enable
cluster.quorum-type: auto
cluster.server-quorum-type: server
storage.owner-uid: 36
storage.owner-gid: 36

Brick added successfully without any error but after 1 min quorum failed
and gluster stop working...

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