[Gluster-users] volume command issues

Alun James ajames at tibus.com
Mon Jul 6 14:15:26 UTC 2015

Ok thanks. I see this: 

Unable to get lock for uuid: 06a089b9-01d8-48c1-b02c-fa051897ab45, lock held by: 749ac41e-6d00-4d3c-9fb8-55b73135b4ee 

I have tried gluster vol status on node 749ac41e-6d00-4d3c-9fb8-55b73135b4ee too, however it giving: 

gluster vol status 

Locking failed on my-web01 . Please check log file for details. 
Locking failed on my-web02. Please check log file for details. 

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On Jul 6, 2015 7:30 PM, "Alun James" < ajames at tibus.com > wrote: 
> Hi folks, 
> I have a 3 node gluster volume that developed a problem with gluster vol commands e.g. gluster vol status 
> GlusterFS version 3.6.2 
> The volume is successfully mounted and appears to be working correctly (for now). 
> gluster volume info 
> Volume Name: my_filestore_vol 
> Type: Replicate 
> Volume ID: .... 
> Status: Started 
> Number of Bricks: 1 x 3 = 3 
> Transport-type: tcp 
> Bricks: 
> Brick1: my-web01:/export/brick0 
> Brick2: my-web02:/export/brick0 
> Brick3: my-web03:/export/brick0 
> Options Reconfigured: 
> nfs.drc: off 
> diagnostics.brick-log-level: WARNING 
> gluster volume status 
> Another transaction is in progress. Please try again after sometime. 
This indicates one more command has acquired the lock on the same volume. Please check etc-glusterfs-*.log (glusterd log) to see which node has acquired the volume lock. cmd_history.log file will also hint you the other concurrent command ran. 
> I am also seeing errors in the self-heal logs... 
> /var/log/glusterfs/glfsheal-my_filestore_vol.log 
> [2015-07-06 13:49:12.609285] E [glfs-mgmt.c:520:mgmt_getspec_cbk] 0-gfapi: failed to get the 'volume file' from server 
> [2015-07-06 13:49:12.609331] E [glfs-mgmt.c:599:mgmt_getspec_cbk] 0-glfs-mgmt: failed to fetch volume file (key:my_filestore_vol) 
> [2015-07-06 13:49:27.377875] E [glfs-mgmt.c:520:mgmt_getspec_cbk] 0-gfapi: failed to get the 'volume file' from server 
> [2015-07-06 13:49:27.377928] E [glfs-mgmt.c:599:mgmt_getspec_cbk] 0-glfs-mgmt: failed to fetch volume file (key:my_filestore_vol) 
> [2015-07-06 13:50:21.963651] E [glfs-mgmt.c:520:mgmt_getspec_cbk] 0-gfapi: failed to get the 'volume file' from server 
> [2015-07-06 13:50:21.963710] E [glfs-mgmt.c:599:mgmt_getspec_cbk] 0-glfs-mgmt: failed to fetch volume file (key:my_filestore_vol) 
> Has anyone experienced similar? 
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