[Gluster-users] Quota cleanup

Vijaikumar M vmallika at redhat.com
Fri Jul 3 10:16:38 UTC 2015

On Friday 03 July 2015 01:18 AM, Ryan Clough wrote:
> I disabled quota on my volume about one week ago and the cleanup 
> routine started. Yesterday, I had to reboot the the servers, therefore 
> the quota cleanup did not finish. Is there a way for me to start this 
> again manually? If not, is there any danger in the cleanup process not 
> completing? Also, while the cleanup was running I noticed lots and 
> lots of permission denied error messages when the script tried to 
> modify the xattrs of files. Here is one example:

There is no problem if the quota-cleanup is not complete, There will be 
extended attributes present in the files with 'trusted.glusterfs.quota.xxx'

You can remove these extended attributes from the files on all the 
bricks in the backend with some automated script that crawls the dir and 
cleans up these attrs.


> [MSGID: 115060] 
> [server-rpc-fops.c:868:_gf_server_log_setxattr_failure] 
> 0-export_volume-server: 629529723: SETXATTR 
> /ssimon/psdv/storm7/scan_data/90/417/002/vtkobjectspb-rohitbg/protobuf.PMTrackFeatureExtractor_VTKPolyDataObjectsEpochTopic 
> (517b1a20-c384-4c1c-9c35-91de5520889a) ==> glusterfs.quota-xattr-cleanup
> Should I be worried about the stability of my Gluster volume?
> Thank you for your time,
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