[Gluster-users] Can't start geo-replication with version 3.6.3

John Ewing johnewing1 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 16:03:11 UTC 2015


I'm trying to build a new geo-replicated cluster using Centos 6.6 and
Gluster 3.6.3

I've got as far creating a replicated volume with two peers on site, and a
slave volume in EC2.

I've set up passwordless ssh from one of the pair to the slave server, and
I've run

gluster system:: execute gsec_create

When I try and create the geo-replication relationship between the servers
I get:

gluster volume geo-replication myvol X.X.X.X::myvol create  push-pem force

 Unable to fetch slave volume details. Please check the slave cluster and
slave volume.
 geo-replication command failed

The geo-replication-slaves log file from the master looks like this

[2015-07-02 15:13:37.324823] I [rpc-clnt.c:1761:rpc_clnt_reconfig]
0-myvol-client-0: changing port to 49152 (from 0)
[2015-07-02 15:13:37.334874] I
0-myvol-client-0: Using Program GlusterFS 3.3, Num (1298437), Version (330)
[2015-07-02 15:13:37.335419] I
[client-handshake.c:1200:client_setvolume_cbk] 0-myvol-client-0: Connected
to myvol-client-0, attached to remote volume '/export/sdb1/brick,'.
[2015-07-02 15:13:37.335493] I
[client-handshake.c:1210:client_setvolume_cbk] 0-myvol-client-0: Server and
Client lk-version numbers are not same, reopening the fds
[2015-07-02 15:13:37.336050] I [MSGID: 108005]
[afr-common.c:3669:afr_notify] 0-myvol-replicate-0: Subvolume
'myvol-client-0' came back up; going online.
[2015-07-02 15:13:37.336170] I [rpc-clnt.c:1761:rpc_clnt_reconfig]
0-myvol-client-1: changing port to 49152 (from 0)
[2015-07-02 15:13:37.336298] I
[client-handshake.c:188:client_set_lk_version_cbk] 0-myvol-client-0: Server
lk version = 1
[2015-07-02 15:13:37.343247] I
0-myvol-client-1: Using Program GlusterFS 3.3, Num (1298437), Version (330)
[2015-07-02 15:13:37.343964] I
[client-handshake.c:1200:client_setvolume_cbk] 0-myvol-client-1: Connected
to myvol-client-1, attached to remote volume '/export/sdb1/brick'.
[2015-07-02 15:13:37.344043] I
[client-handshake.c:1210:client_setvolume_cbk] 0-myvol-client-1: Server and
Client lk-version numbers are not same, reopening the fds
[2015-07-02 15:13:37.351151] I [fuse-bridge.c:5080:fuse_graph_setup]
0-fuse: switched to graph 0
[2015-07-02 15:13:37.351491] I
[client-handshake.c:188:client_set_lk_version_cbk] 0-myvol-client-1: Server
lk version = 1
[2015-07-02 15:13:37.352078] I [fuse-bridge.c:4009:fuse_init]
0-glusterfs-fuse: FUSE inited with protocol versions: glusterfs 7.22 kernel
[2015-07-02 15:13:37.355056] I [afr-common.c:1477:afr_local_discovery_cbk]
0-myvol-replicate-0: selecting local read_child myvol-client-0
[2015-07-02 15:13:37.396403] I [fuse-bridge.c:4921:fuse_thread_proc]
0-fuse: unmounting /tmp/tmp.NPixVv7xk9
[2015-07-02 15:13:37.396922] W [glusterfsd.c:1194:cleanup_and_exit] (-->
0-: received signum (15), shutting down
[2015-07-02 15:13:37.396970] I [fuse-bridge.c:5599:fini] 0-fuse: Unmounting
[2015-07-02 15:13:37.412584] I [MSGID: 100030] [glusterfsd.c:2018:main]
0-glusterfs: Started running glusterfs version 3.6.3 (args: glusterfs
--xlator-option=*dht.lookup-unhashed=off --volfile-server X.X.X.X
--volfile-id myvol -l /var/log/glusterfs/geo-replication-slaves/slave.log
[2015-07-02 15:14:40.423812] E [socket.c:2276:socket_connect_finish]
0-glusterfs: connection to X.X.X.X:24007 failed (Connection timed out)
[2015-07-02 15:14:40.424077] E [glusterfsd-mgmt.c:1811:mgmt_rpc_notify]
0-glusterfsd-mgmt: failed to connect with remote-host: X.X.X.X (Transport
endpoint is not connected)
[2015-07-02 15:14:40.424119] I [glusterfsd-mgmt.c:1817:mgmt_rpc_notify]
0-glusterfsd-mgmt: Exhausted all volfile servers
[2015-07-02 15:14:40.424557] W [glusterfsd.c:1194:cleanup_and_exit] (-->
0-: received signum (1), shutting down
[2015-07-02 15:14:40.424626] I [fuse-bridge.c:5599:fini] 0-fuse: Unmounting

I'm confused by the error message about not being able to connect to the
slave on port 24007. Should it not be connecting over ssh ?


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