[Gluster-users] Mount Fails when 1 of 2 Replicas is Down (GlusterFS 3.7.2)

Vijay Bellur vbellur at redhat.com
Thu Jul 2 00:03:17 UTC 2015

On Tuesday 30 June 2015 10:56 PM, Gabriel Kuri wrote:
> I am able to reproduce a problem, which I think may be a bug, where if 1
> of the 2 replica servers for a volume is down, clients are unable to
> mount the volume. I notice that if the replica that is down is on the
> same subnet as the client, the client fails to mount the volume, but if
> the replica that is down is on a different subnet, the client fails over
> properly and mounts the volume.
> Here are the errors from the server that is still up when the client is
> unable to mount the volume when the replica on the same subnet as the
> client is down. Ideas? Should I open a bug?
> [2015-07-01 05:43:08.428657] W [socket.c:923:__socket_keepalive]
> 0-socket: failed to set TCP_USER_TIMEOUT -1000 on socket 21, Invalid
> argument
> [2015-07-01 05:43:08.428710] E [socket.c:3015:socket_connect]
> 0-management: Failed to set keep-alive: Invalid argument
> [2015-07-01 05:43:08.429260] E [socket.c:3071:socket_connect]
> 0-management: connection attempt on
> <> failed, (Connection refused)

This points to the client not being able to talk to glusterd on Is glusterd running on this node and if yes, can port 24007 
be reached from the client machine?


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