[Gluster-users] [Gluster-devel] Gluster Docker images are available at docker hub

Krishnan Parthasarathi kparthas at redhat.com
Wed Jul 1 06:02:52 UTC 2015

> Yeah this followed by glusterd restart should help
> But frankly, i was hoping that 'rm' the file isn't a neat way to fix this
> issue

Why is rm not a neat way? Is it because the container deployment tool needs to
know about gluster internals? But isn't a Dockerfile dealing with details
of the service(s) that is being deployment in a container.

> AFAICT we have 2 scenarios:
> 1) Non-container scenario, where the current behaviour of glusterd persisting
> the info in .info file makes sense
> 2) Container scenario, where the same image gets used as the base, hence all
> containers gets the same UUID
> For this we can have an option to tell glusterd that instructs it to refresh
> the UUID during next start.
> Maybe somethign like presence of a file /var/lib/glusterd/refresh_uuid makes
> glusterd refresh the UUID in .info
> and then delete this file, that ways, Dockerfile can touch this file, post
> gluster rpm install step and things should
> work as expected ?

If container deployment needs are different it should should address issues like
above. If we start addressing glusterd's configuration handling for every
new deployment technology it would quickly become unmaintainable.

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