[Gluster-users] basic architecture

Ed Greenberg edg at greenberg.org
Sun Feb 15 22:50:46 UTC 2015

Something I don't understand.

If I have two servers running gluster code, each with an attached brick, 
is there a master slave relationship or are they peers?

Supposing a have my brick mounted as a document root on each of the two 
servers, and am running an app, such as Wordpress, or Magento behind a 
load balancer:

* If one goes down, and the other one continues, what happens when I 
bring the first one back?  Does the brick rebuild itself on the downed 

* What if I want to bring a third one into the mix? It comes up with an 
empty, or obsolete, brick.  How does the third brick get in sync?


Ed Greenberg

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