[Gluster-users] libgfapi access

Ankireddypalle Reddy areddy at commvault.com
Mon Dec 7 16:27:31 UTC 2015

   I started looking at the code and noticed that the application buffer is being copied to glusterfs internal buffers even for synchronous write operations. In my case the application tries to write 1MB of data in a single write operation. Looks to me that this 1MB is being copied in to Glusterfs internals buffers. Would be possible to use the application provided buffers directly in case of synchronous writes?
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From: Ankireddypalle Reddy
Sent: Monday, December 07, 2015 10:29 AM
To: 'gluster-users at gluster.org'
Subject: libgfapi access

       I am trying to use  libgfapi  interface to access gluster volume. What I noticed is that reads/writes to the gluster volume through libgfapi interface are slower than FUSE.  I was expecting the contrary. Are there any recommendations/settings suggested to be used while using libgfapi interface.

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