[Gluster-users] Disable rsync compression for georeplication

John Gardeniers jgardeniers at objectmastery.com
Mon Nov 24 23:54:18 UTC 2014

Using Gluster 3.4.2, we have a situation where georeplication is causing 
the CPU on the master to be hammered, while the bandwidth is having a 
holiday. I'd therefore like to disable the rsync compression for 

In a response to David F. Robinson asking the same question back in 
August, Vishwanath Bhat wrote:

 > You can use "rsync-options" to specify any rsync options that you 
want to rsync to use. Just make sure that it does not conflict with the 
default rsync options used by geo-rep.
 > For example,
 > #gluster volume geo-replication <MASTER> <SLAVE> config rsync-options 

Finding no way to negate the --compress option used in georeplication I 
thought that perhaps I could get part way there by simply winding down 
the compression level using "gluster volume geo-replication <MASTER> 
<SLAVE> config rsync-options '--compress-level=0' " (Yes, I did use real 
entries for <MASTER> and <SLAVE>.)

The return from that command was "unrecognized option 
--compress-level=0". I tried a few other numbers and got the same 
negative results.

Can someone please advise how to disable rsync compression for 
georeplication? Thanks.


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