[Gluster-users] Why is xfs recommended?

Pranith Kumar Karampuri pkarampu at redhat.com
Wed Nov 12 02:45:51 UTC 2014

CC one of the xfs devs Brian Foster.

On 11/12/2014 03:21 AM, Lindsay Mathieson wrote:
> Just wondering about the usecases. In all my testing ext4 has been
> consistently faster for sustained and random read/writes on large files  (VM
> images).
> Tested with/without external ssd journals and caches.
> nb. While you can use a external journal with xfs I found the support and
> tools for it too marginal to risk using. Unable to move, resize or remove the
> journal without manually editing the partition bytes, whereas ext4 has tune2fs
> for all of that. Plus builtin support for loading the journal via label or
> uuid.
> thanks,
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