[Gluster-users] Proper procedure for changing the IP address of a glustefs server

Carlos Capriotti capriotti.carlos at gmail.com
Sun May 18 21:38:00 UTC 2014

Mark, hi.

Short answer to you, not because it does not deserve a long, detailed
answer, but just because my experience won't add much to your own:

You did great by editing all files and having you cluster working again. I
was not that lucky, and it was a good thing it was simply a test system; I
configured my cluster using the IPs on all peers, because I had multihomed
servers and wanted to use a given NIC/net for gluster back end.

Final result: changing IPs caused all to go south, and I had to start from

I posted the same question you did, with no answer at all, so, it leads me
to believe this part of gluster is one of those black holes that need much

IMO, you need some sort of "bind to" capability here, but it is not that
simple, after all, like in my case, I wanted back end traffic on one NIC,
and client traffic on another.

Probably a good feature request for 3.6.



On Sat, May 17, 2014 at 1:33 AM, Mark Morlino <mark at gina.alaska.edu> wrote:

> Perhaps someone here can help me.
> I have had to change the IP address of one of my GlusterFS servers. They
> are all 3.4.0.
> It had been originally probed by hostname and "gluster peer status" on the
> other peers showed it's name. So, I shut it down, changed it's IP and
> booted it back up.
> On the server with the new IP, gluster peer status shows the other peers
> correctly with their hostnames and as being connected.
> On the other peers, the server with the changed IP showed up as it's old
> IP address (not the name) and as being disconnected. Peer probing the
> changed server by name from the other peers did not change anything.
> One by one I stopped the glusterd service on the peers, and edited
> /var/lib/glusterd/peers/UUID for the changed server by replacing the old IP
> address with the hostname and then started the glusterd service.
> Now the other peers display the changed server as being connected but
> using the old IP address as the hostname. Running ss shows that all of the
> peers are actually connected to the new IP address of the changed server.
> Everything seems to be working but I have some reservations about leaving
> it like this and would be interested in any advice as to how it might be
> corrected.
> Thanks,
> -Mark
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