[Gluster-users] missing iniparser package for gluster.org samba packages

Justin Clift justin at gluster.org
Wed Jun 25 19:09:39 UTC 2014

On 25/06/2014, at 2:32 PM, Michael DePaulo wrote:
> Thank you.
> It looks like 4.1.9-1 was posted yesterday, correct? I'll install it instead.

Yep.  This is the info for 4.1.9-1 (from Jose, the guy who posted it):

  New Samba EPEL-6 RPMs are available at download.gluster.org! 

  * Samba 4.1.9, now playing nice with system libraries.
    * Important security fixes included.
    * No longer requires system iniparser library.

  * CTDB 2.5.3, a recommended upgrade for all CTDB users.
    * Major stability and performance upgrade.
    * NOTE: Samba 4.1.9-2 RPMs are built against and expect CTDB 2.5.x. Using 
      older versions of CTDB with this version of Samba may break your 
      configuration. While there ARE work-arounds if you need to keep using older 
      versions of CTDB, please upgrade if at all possible.

  * Updated system Samba libraries (required for newer versions of Samba):
    * libtalloc
    * libtevent
    * libtdb
    * libldb

  * And, of course, SRPMs for all the above.

Hope that helps. :)

Regards and best wishes,

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