[Gluster-users] NFS mounting encrypted gluster volume

Mark Lewis q at phosph.re
Wed Jun 18 22:08:16 UTC 2014

I¹ve looked around as much as possible, but I want to tread carefully.  I¹ve
created a couple of gluster volumes and before I do a

gluster volume set <Vol> encryption.master-key /path/to/key

for each, I need to plan properly and decide the path.  Given the key only
needs to be in place during the mount operation, there are a number of ways
I can think of approaching this matter but I don¹t like them.  I don¹t think
it¹s safe to keep the keys on the servers local to the data in case the
box(es) are rooted.

I will basically have any number of VMs running concurrently, and they will
each be wanting to access a different encrypted gluster volume over the
network.  Each will have been given the master key for the corresponding
volume (although as I¹m in the process of building out the platform, it
doesn¹t have to be that way.  I wanna do it right first time though

What¹s the best practice?

Thanks IA

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