[Gluster-users] Disperse translator

Xavier Hernandez xhernandez at datalab.es
Mon Jun 16 08:13:24 UTC 2014


On Sunday 15 June 2014 18:20:03 Keyo Jin wrote:
> hi
> I have a progblem regarding to gluster IDA translator. I installed the
> gluster-ida with my gluster3.4.3 based on the instructions on
> https://github.com/datalab-bcn/glusterfs-ida
> after the installation, I copy a 2 GB file to glusterfs filesystem with
> enabled IDA (my configure is 3:1 which means 2 blocks of data will generate
> 1 parity ).
> and I looked at the file in the bricks, seems all the file in the bricks
> are same because I checked the md5sum.
> and I used du to each brick, they are all 2 GB, while I expect each file in
> brick is 1GB
> is this expected ?

No, of course not.

Which files have you modified ? (<volname>-fuse.vol and/or trusted-<volname>-
fuse.vol ?).

Have you started the volume using cli or directly by running the glusterfs 
command ?

Once all files have been modified, have you changed anything through cli ? 
this will regenerate volfiles, losing any manual changes made to them and 
reverting the volume type to a replica 3.

You can look at log files to see the real volfile used to start the volume (it 
appears just at the beginning of the log each time a brick is started or a 
mount is made).

Be aware that this version has some bugs and it's not stable yet. I'm 
currently working on the version that will be included in glusterfs 3.6 with 
full cli support, so I won't have much time in the short term to stabilize it.

If you don't need dispersed volumes right now, you could start testing the new 
version. It will receive much more support and testing.


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