[Gluster-users] performance due to network?

Aronesty, Erik earonesty at expressionanalysis.com
Thu Jun 12 20:40:41 UTC 2014

I suspect I'm having performance issues because of network speeds.

Supposedly I have 10gbit connections on all my NAS devices, however, it seems to me that the fastest I can write is 1Gbit.   When I'm copying very large files, etc, I see 'D' as the cp waits to I/O, but when I go the gluster servers, I don't see glusterfsd waiting (D) to write to the bricks themselves.  I have 4 nodes, each with  10Gbit connection, each has 2 Areca RAID controllers with 12 disk raid5, and the 2 controllers stripped into 1 large volume.   Pretty sure there's plenty of i/o left on the bricks themselves.

Is it possible that "one big file" isn't the right test... should I try 20 big files, and see how saturated my network can get?

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